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We specialize in the sale of pristine watches manufactured by the world’s most distinguished watch designers. We strive to provide maximum satisfaction in your purchase experience.

Custom Web Design

Designing a website can be fun, especially for the beginners. You get to choose what is to be put up, what text you want to appear on the page. You also get to pick the visual elements. What photos will you use? What colors will the different borders have? You can play around with text, its colors, sizes and make the page look effective.

We Can Design Custom Websites

Somewhere along the line you will get to the coding part. Did you think websites were only text? Don’t forget the links in the texts or images; you must never forget the links. Also, don’t forget to put alt tags on some images for easy identification. You will also have to be familiar with canonical tagging to reconcile similar content if your website has more than just one page.

Of course you should not forget the copyright part of the page, the header part and the footer part.

What about the image in the back of it all. You know…the one that doesn’t even when you scroll up and down the page?

Is this still as easy as you thought it would be?

Are You sure You’re Up to the Task?

The more you dabble in designing a website, the more you realize you should leave this job to the professionals, especially when you realize that the website is essentially a reflection of you or the group you represent. You want the website to look the best it can. You want it to strike a balance between text and graphics, you want it to have the right trigger and mood colors. Most of all you want viewers to take a look at it and not click it away immediately.

If you want your website done right, this is where we at Mundolance come in. We understand a website is more than just the sum of its parts. A website should be pleasant to look at as a whole, yet its individual parts should be easy on the eyes.

There are rules to consider when building a website. No one will stop you if you want to throw everything in and call it a website, but do you really want to take that risk with so much riding on your reputation?

Branding Strategy

The logo is only one part of your branding strategy. Branding continues defining the identity of your company where your logo left off. Here are the things to consider when branding.

Use Key Colors – What NBA teams sports the jersey colored yellow and violet? What courier company logo has the colors blue and orange? Even colors can be associated with brands. Use colors and be consistent with them, but stick to just two or three for easy recall.

Have Different Versions of Your Logo – Changing logos is not advised, unless there is good reason to do it, but having variations of a current logo is okay for a little variety. Consider inverting colors or having a horizontal or vertical version of that logo, but be sure it has the same qualities as the original.

Use Key Fonts – Adopt a font for use in most of the text in your website or flyers and make sure this is used consistently. Just remember it has to be a font that can be used for all settings and moods.

Develop a Typographic Style – Customize the way you handle key types of text in your website or ads. You don’t have to develop your own font; you can use a consistent way of styling headlines, blurbs or pull-out text.

Adopt a Consistent Image Style – Along with the logo you can consistently use certain photos, drawings or artwork in your products, website, newsletters or flyers. However, you don’t have to stick to one static image. You can alter it a little, give it another shade of color, brighten, darken or resize it according to where you want to use it.

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