Creating authentic relationships

Forget cold selling, they don’t work

By organically positioning your company it is much easier to close a sale and it is very easy to understand why; the probability of making a sale to someone who trusts what you do is much, much higher.

Customizing each message

Offer what the person is looking for, no more, no less!

The offer is not about discounts

The magic of ads happens when you show the right message, to the right person in the right place; digital advertising allows us to know our audience as much as we are willing.

Eliminating unnecessary steps

a single click can be the difference between the bounce and the sale!

Automate to find your way

There are many processes that can be completely automated in our marketing campaigns and strategies.
automation eliminates human error in work processes, such as updating information and storing it automatically in the appropriate way.

The way to be found in search engines

Can you imagine that by optimizing the structure of your site and your content you can generate rewards without spending much? It does not always work to invest a lot of money to expect greater results.

Unlimited traffic attraction

By creating useful and valuable content we can create a constant flow of visits and direct them in the most convenient way for your organization.

This traffic that already believes in you, that trusts you, is much more likely to buy from you and the reach you can achieve is abysmal unlike word of mouth.

The best thing about organic traffic is that in addition to requiring less effort over time, it is increasingly profitable and you also learn what your customer really wants, not what you suppose.

Get the visibility you need

Yes, you can drive traffic to your organization with advertising, but by organically positioning your channels you can achieve much, much more.

Ads work, but we can never compare the amount of traffic that an organic content strategy can generate.

Thus we give the user the power to decide and for them to discover that you are the right person or organization.

Position your company organically

What company would not love to be well positioned? If you really want positioning, you should focus on organic.

A true positioning allows your users to investigate you and find out everything even before having an interaction with your company.

It’s like looking for customers, but instead of seeing one by one, you allow each of them to take the path they prefer and only people who are closest to a purchase intention reach you.

Increase the number of references

Of course, if you are looking for a particular service and someone you trust shares the company that provided the service to you, it makes it easier for you to make the decision to contact them.

Being already in the minds of other people is undoubtedly the ideal way to get high quality referrals, people with an interest in your services.

Having someone else’s experience with a company is very valuable, which is why we also look at reviews before we buy.

Generate a bond of trust

It is said more and more often that if you are not on the internet, you do not really exist, that is why it is increasingly necessary to be present on digital channels.

Being present in digital channels is not making sales announcements, that is selling, being present in networks is giving away information that solves the problems of those who follow us.

How could someone not trust your company if before hiring you solved about 10 or 20 problems? This is the great power of organic positioning.

Increase retention and recurrence

Your content is also a tool that can help your clients to continue training and better understand your services.

It is a way to keep in touch with them without really making additional efforts to what you already did, it is to optimize resources.

Your content is a great tool to keep your customers active and increase their recurrence in your company.

Ultra personalized advertising on the internet

A completely different way of prospecting customers on the internet is known as online advertising. An excellent way of precisely targeting our efforts to people with a specific intention, be it purchasing or informational.

Customer prospection

The reality is that more and more we look for what we need online, it is simply easier than any other medium.

Or you can remind that person who visited your social networks or an ad of yours at some point that you are just still there and that they will appear at some point waiting for them to make the purchase, let’s say that you will continue to chase your client, but always without be annoying.

Discover your market

In online advertising there are no market studies, in fact, in addition to being expensive, these studies are poor in terms of the data they collect.

Update your knowledge about your market daily and define all the public that comes to you, who are those most likely to buy from you.

Only show your ads to those people that you can demonstrate with data, that they are an audience with a greater chance of having an interest in you.

Shorten your sales cycles

Because if an ad can help you get customers, why not bring the cycles between prospect and prospect closer together?

Create ads that then follow up on whoever sought your services and remind them that you are there to serve them.

Increase the chance that your potential customers end up being loyal customers for your company.

Persons ready to buy

The great advantage of ads is that they work immediately and you start to fill up with data every day.

We can target these ads directly and first to those who are looking for a supplier or who have an intention close to the purchase.

Very useful when we do not have any type of presence in social networks or in search engines and even to understand what messages connect with your audience.

Intelligent use of resources

How many people can someone prospect per day? During how much time? At what time? With what percentages, numbers, data and records?

A salesperson will never be able to compare his ability to reach out to prospects, simply because nowadays selling is not the same as processing.

Your ads will help you attract potential customers and you will receive people with doubts about the service instead of people without interest as it is in cold sales.

Automation with programming tools

The best way to scale a business is to eliminate factors where the human is not necessary, such as receiving a customer’s data via whatsapp and then entering it into a customer management or crm database.

Relationship with customers

The most common bottleneck in companies is using outdated methods to capture and track customer data.

A clear example is using spreadsheets as if they were databases, however this method is not scalable and hinders the management of information.

Automate email campaigns, text messages, emails, customer tracking, notifications, schedules, and more.

Collection and billing

How practical would it be for your customers to be able to generate an invoice just at the moment they make a payment for your product or service?

It is impossible to deny that comfort is a crucial factor for anyone to have a great, memorable experience.

That the client has control of their payments and billing is undoubtedly an excellent way to serve them and show them that we care.

Service by messaging

Using chatbots is a great way to allow our customers and prospects to interact, regardless of the day or time.

Allow our users to interact with facebook messenger, instagram or whatsapp even if we are not available.

This is simply another way in which we can serve our users, without the need to be there… literally.

Automated calendarization

Sometimes it is a problem to have our calendars in order, to inform the company’s employees what is happening.

Every time we want more control over our purchases, decide how, when and where, so a calendar available to decide is to improve the service.

Or maybe you need to schedule meetings by zoom or microsoft teams, a new prospect is created in your crm and also the link to the conference is generated.

Motivate the reviews

Did you know that reviews are one of the most important decision-making factors for customers who buy online?

So the next time you think about how it can help you increase the chances of being chosen over your competition, remember that.

And if it seems tired or simply lazy, remember that you can automate this 100%, you will never have to request a review again.

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