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An independent insurance agency founded in 2014 in response to the difficulty local families were having finding high-quality, affordable health insurance.

Logo Design

The logo is the symbol for which brandsare remembered. The best of them don’t even have to have word or letters. They can be twin arches, a fruit or even a check mark. You only need to see them and immediately you can identify what products they are associated with. That’s why a good logo is always important whether you are offering a product or service; people remember.

We Can Design Logo

Mundolance can help you come up with that symbol or figure that will become the identifying mark of your brand. Have the Perfect Logo for Your Brand.

These are the things to consider when creating a logo.

Simplicity – A good logo need not be complex. The simpler a logo is the easier it will be for people to remember.

Versatility – We can design your logo so it to be used anywhere whether it’s on a webpage, on a product or of flyers, so it should not be overly huge, too small or irregularly shaped.

Appropriateness – Note that there are images that can be considered offensive to some audiences. A little research can prevent this.

Timelessness – A Westmont logo is meant to be used for a long time so that people will be able to remember it through generations. While you can make a gimmick out of launching a new logo, do this too often and you will confuse people.

Branding Strategy

The logo is only one part of your branding strategy. Branding continues defining the identity of your company where your logo left off. Here are the things to consider when branding.

Use Key Colors – What NBA teams sports the jersey colored yellow and violet? What courier company logo has the colors blue and orange? Even colors can be associated with brands. Use colors and be consistent with them, but stick to just two or three for easy recall.

Have Different Versions of Your Logo – Changing logos is not advised, unless there is good reason to do it, but having variations of a current logo is okay for a little variety. Consider inverting colors or having a horizontal or vertical version of that logo, but be sure it has the same qualities as the original.

Use Key Fonts – Adopt a font for use in most of the text in your website or flyers and make sure this is used consistently. Just remember it has to be a font that can be used for all settings and moods.

Develop a Typographic Style – Customize the way you handle key types of text in your website or ads. You don’t have to develop your own font; you can use a consistent way of styling headlines, blurbs or pull-out text.

Adopt a Consistent Image Style – Along with the logo you can consistently use certain photos, drawings or artwork in your products, website, newsletters or flyers. However, you don’t have to stick to one static image. You can alter it a little, give it another shade of color, brighten, darken or resize it according to where you want to use it.

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