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Web Application Development

Web applications are those computer programs that let website visitors submit and retrieve information to and from a database over the Internet with the web browser they are using. Thisinformation is then presented to the user in their preferred browser as information is generated dynamically by the web application through a web server.

Putting the technical blah aside, it’s the web applications that have transformed how websites look from the static no-click images in the Internet’s early days to the vibrant pages we can now fully interact with.

In the course of your website’s operations you might find you need a special application specifically tailored to what your website needs, whether this is to facilitate your own messaging system, your own ‘wiki’, webmail or online retail stores. This is where web application development comes in. Web application development deals with the development of any software that runs in a web browser.

How Web Apps Work
Web applications basically have three layers to their structure. The first layer is on the user’s side and consists of just the basic browser. The second layer contains a dynamic content generation tool such as Java,HTML,active server pages, or php. The third layer is where the data is stored, this is made up of back end database software.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you want to open a website. You open your computer and browser and type the name of that website. Your computer (the client) “talks” to the computer of what website. That website’s computer (the server) will access the web application servers which gather information about your request and then makes the page. To do this, the Illinois web application server will need to access the database servers where information is saved. This information will then be brought up from the database server, to the web application server to the web server and finally to your computer in the language of HTML, CSS, Java Script or Flash.

Why Develop Your Own Applications?
Sometimes developing your own applications is the way to go. Of course, there are those and standard applications available and they might readily work with your browser. However, sometimes websites just need those special applications designed just for their operations.

Developing your own webs apps can be quite a challenge if you are starting from scratch as it requires knowledge of browser-supported programming language like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Web Application Warning
Web applications are not without their weaknesses. Any web applications Westmont can have security risks, usually the result of improper coding. These weaknesses or vulnerabilities canmake it easy for hackers to get into your system. Some are only interested in redirecting your viewers toward phishing sites, others are more malicious and want to get direct and public access to your database and your important and private data. Can Help You Develop Your Own Applications
Did you get lost in the technical definitions somewhere? You’re not really here to learn about how applications work, are you? That’s completely fine by us;at we can develop your web apps for you and save you a ton of trouble.

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