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User Experience (Ux) Design

A successful website is designed around both aesthetics and usability. Why? Because good web design has a positive impact on the rates of conversion.

The Elements Of User Experience

Even something like satisfaction can be partially quantified. While it may be difficult to measure, Mundolance has identified four key “elements” that we find help measure success. Here’s the elements we consider when creating your website:

We’ll determine if your website has alignment between your product features and the end-user’s needs. If the site’s features are designed to best support the needs of the end-user, visitors will consider that website valuable as a future resource. We also know that certain bells and whistles need to be part of the deal. Analytics will later reveal whether users are visiting other portions of your website – because information was brought to their attention that they didn’t realize existed until then. Value comes in many forms: exclusive content, links to products or services that generally not available elsewhere, or as gimmicks, contents or promos.

This measures how easily end-users are able to complete the intended tasks on your website. Do you want them to click the ‘Like’ button, the ‘Share’ button, or do you want them to buy something from your website? If the right content is coupled with an accessible trigger button, or call-to-action button, you’re in business – especially when it’s integrated with social media. Another aspect of usability involves collecting information from your end users in a hassle-free way, especially when website forms are enabled.

When people arrive at your website, do they know what to do? Adaptability essentially involves your website’s overall infrastructure and design. While your current website might be adding value to the end-user, it may not be doing so in the most efficient manner. Basically, it all comes down to responsiveness. Is your website easy-to-use across all kinds of devices? It it tailored for optimal viewing on different size screens? Watch out! Some web designers will try to scale up or scale down a version of a website to make them “fit” in mobile screens. In these cases, the user is greatly impaired and very frustrated when trying to navigate the site.

This element appeals to the emotions of the end-user. Do visitors find your website fun and engaging? Do the images, colors and content bring forth the emotions you’ want from your target market? We’ll evaluate your content to make sure you’re striking the right balance with users – we want them to visit your website over and over – interacting with your content!

This is why we have experience in User Experience.
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