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Get to know us better and learn how we can add value to your business. Simply send us an enquiry about what you are looking for. We will get back to you to discuss the details and help you out with different solution.

  • Best Partnership Models
  • Highly focus to increase return on investment
  • Expert consultants and execution team
  • Customer Centeric Services


Mundolance looks forward to expand business through different partnership models. Its best option for them who wants to be a leader of web and mobile technologies. We are highly focused on innovative solutions within your budget.

Our Delivery models helps your company to undercut your bottom line and beat your deadlines. Models are created to make more efficient business operations and increase in productivity.


In Outsource partnership, we will setup extension to your office. You don’t need to be technical person, not to be worried about staff, no longer to recruit and train you own people. Your responsibility would be to gain project in your territory. We will have our development team who will give you full support on the way of client communication. We will also offer you new solution for every platform you need to have. Your responsibility would be to be a mediator and send us all requirement by client. Doing business in outsourcing partnership is growing day by day at


In Strategic Partnership, we will work with you joint venture partner for every project. Your responsibility will be doing front –end marketing and client communication. We will have our development team for your full time support with every query you will request to us. To eligible, you must have your office in your territory. You must have experience working strategy of web and mobile application development. We will have your contact information on our website through which most of client in your territory will contact you. We will help you to gain your business in your territory at great business.


In Reseller Partnership, you will represent to market our services and solution anywhere in the world. You will get commission on every successful client project. We will provide you training, brochure and document for legal reseller partnership. You don’t have to be technical person. Your responsibilities would be to generate leads for business. We will give you full technical support to understand clients.

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